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Friday Meeting (11/18/22) Agenda and Zoom Info ....

Meeting Date: 11/18/22       Time 4:00 Eastern
Finance Committee:
    -2023 budget review with KRE:  
        -Prerequisite before board meeting.  Scheduled last Tuesday, November 8th.
        -Omission of week #53 revenue.
    -2022 budget:  anticipated surplus or deficit by year's end?
Utility Status:  KRE.
    -Power:  PE inspection required per LCEC and City of Sanibel.  Is this within BluSky's scope of work for W.A. #1?
    -Water:  boil advisory still required by City of Sanibel?
    -Sewer:  working?
    -Phone:  status?
    -Cable:  status?
    -Fire Suppression System at W/O units:  active or inactive?
Roof:  KRE:
    $ spent to date by Carothers?
    -Property Taxes:  preliminary numbers for Lee County Auditor?
    -Line of Credit:  status?
    -B&B:  confirm date and time for proposal for 2023 insurance premiums (9).
    -Wind/Storm policy:  status of estimate?
    -T/S master bedroom renovation status.
    -W/O slider replacement schedule for buildings #5 and #6.
    -Annual Meeting:  confirm date and time.
      -W.A. #1:  
            -scope.  C.
            - Davies final revisions incorporated in final draft of W.A. #1.
            - Who signed for Owner?
    -Daily reports and manpower reports received.
     -Moisture Map:
        T/S:  what is status of soft goods in remediation?
        W/O's:  what is status of schedule for remediation by BluSky?
    -Schedule status?
        Critical path:  T/S units would be truss replacement at #9, 12, 15 and 16.
Executive Session:
Owner Comments:
    Whole Owners:
    Time Share Owners:
    Recommend "moisture resistant" gypsum wall board at main office and T/S and W/O units.
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